Data In, Intelligence Out

If your agency management system is the core of your business, Yodil can be the hub. And if your agency management system is the means by which you transact business, Yodil can be your means of monitoring, measuring, and managing your business. Using Yodil to extract and collect business data from any of the systems you use enables you to maintain the data they contain; to leverage cross-system reporting; and to preserve all of your data in one place.


Save Your Money

If you're paying staff members to mine and analyze data, to create and deliver reports, who's conducting your business, let alone managing it? What does it cost you to pull them offline for those activities? How much more does it cost you if make business decisions base on incomplete, inaccurate, or misunderstood information?

Yodil will save you money and time, reducing exposures while improving decision-making by:

  • Providing reports to identify missed revenue opportunities, unintended expenses, and unintentional risks
  • Delivering and distributing standard reports securely, training users to read, manage, and understand them
  • Working with you to fulfill custom or specialized needs.

Improve Your Performance

Yodil integrates with Vertafore's Sagitta, AMS 360, or AFW – or Applied's TAM, Epic, DORIS, or Vision – to produce reports that help identify trends, eliminate roadblocks, increase efficiency and productivity, drive change, and eliminate surprises. So, by integrating with your agency management system, as well as any others you use, Yodil will help you know:

  • If you've generated the revenue you expected
  • If your workloads are properly distributed and balanced
  • If your people working efficiently
  • Who your best carrier partners are
  • If you're minimizing E&O exposure
  • Who your best producers and customers are.


Feel the Love

You'll love Yodil's low cost and rapid deployment. Your people will love Yodil's intuitive ease of use, which requires no technical knowledge and no technical skills. Your business will love the ROI.

That's a pretty good deal.

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