Your Data is Your Greatest Asset

Nothing is more important to your business than the data you compile and store. The story of your business is written in it. But the story isn't told until the data is transformed into business intelligence (BI). That's why we're here.

We organize your data in a way that meaningfully and productively tells your story. How have you done? How are you doing? Where are you headed? How do you establish, sustain, or correct your direction? How do you know? How will you learn what you don't know now? The answers are all in your data.


The Mother Lode

Insurance companies have rich portfolios of detailed information for analysis and reporting for all of their lines of business. By helping you to mine, refine, and analyze it, we can enable you to see:

  • How your sales and marketing data yields actionable intelligence about your distribution channels and your producers' workloads; the mix of business they're producing; the effectiveness of your channels, agents, and staff producers at meeting sales and revenue objectives.
  • How your underwriting data yields actionable intelligence about your risk factors and exposures; the effectiveness of your underwriting processes; the workloads of your underwriters and their individual effectiveness; your profitability and other key metrics.
  • How your claims data yields intelligence about the efficiency and productivity of your adjusters and managers in mitigating losses; their cycle times and workloads; large losses and catastrophes; your reserving, recovery, and subrogation stats.

We can give you the high-level BI that shows the trends, opportunities, successes and concerns that help you make more effective strategic decisions. We can give you the detailed BI that helps you make more effective operational decisions. We can give your executives and line managers the BI that helps them more effectively monitor and manage day-to-day activities. And we can help you interpret all of it.


Refining the Ore

If the data you've mined is your greatest asset, putting it to optimal use is your greatest advantage. In good markets, BI will enable you to price competitively. In soft markets, BI will enable you to concentrate on those risks that conform to your pricing strategy. In any market, BI will enable you to monitor and measure customer service to increase retention and reduce loss costs. And BI will always help you identify and deepen the agency relationships through which you'll be able to expand your distribution opportunities, appropriately assess and write risks, and increase market share

Sound too good to be true? We were hoping you'd think so. Please contact us today to learn more.

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