A Tall Order

Somehow – along with binding coverage, issuing policies, appointing producers, adjusting claims, providing administrative support, and working with carriers, brokers, TPAs, law firms, retail agents, policyholders, and others – you have to resolve this diametric opposition: Carriers want to assume the least risk for the highest price; policyholders want to transfer the most risk for the lowest price. That used to be a tall order. It’s not anymore.


Cut Down to Size

With Yodil, you can measure the effectiveness of the services you provide to each party:

  • Identifying policyholders who are happy with you, even when they’re unhappy with the carrier
  • Identifying carriers with whom your policyholders have the greatest persistency
  • Identifying carriers that consistently non-renew business you place with them
  • Helping policyholders understand which carriers offer the best prices, the best loss-prevention programs, and the best claims experience
  • Giving historical placement metrics to your newer underwriters
  • Identifying customers who’ve come back after leaving you.

By analyzing BI about carriers and agencies in a single data model, Yodil helps you better understand their performance – and yours.

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