Yodil Platform

From integration to information.

The Yodil BI platform is a web based offering designed for insurance carriers, MGAs, and agencies of all sizes, lines of business, and levels of BI maturity. Yodil includes reports, scorecards, dashboards, and ad-hoc capabilities that provide business information for management and operational analyses when, where and how the users want it. Yodil delivers hundreds of metrics and KPIs, showing a single version of the truth and helping you understand what drives your business. To accomplish this, Yodil integrates and transforms your data into accessible and actionable BI.


The platform provides:

  • Reports ranging from simple tabular reports to a highly complex detail
  • Dashboards that can show multiple reports and analytics in a single view
  • Scorecards that compare KPIs against targets, goals, or trends
  • Hundreds of metrics for analysis by various views such as accident year, calendar year, coverage, rating factor, geography and more
  • Ad hoc features to create new reports or enhance existing reports to include aggregations, groupings, charts, graphs, and more
  • A Management Console to easily manage scheduling and distribution of information by user, group, or report
  • An Insurance Data Store
  • Connectors to common insurance core systems.

From connectivity to productivity, the Yodil platform uses your data to deliver brilliant insight.


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