Yodil Platform

Transforming Data Into an Information Asset.

The Yodil Platform is a web based Enterprise Data Management Solution for carriers, MGAs and agencies of all sizes, lines of business and levels of complexity.

The Yodil Platform unifies the myriad of internal and external data sources as the hub to support your journey from operational and management reporting to business intelligence to advanced analytics.

By incorporating data management, data quality and governance capabilities, the Yodil Platform transforms your data into a trusted, reliable enterprise information asset.

It is the depth and breadth of our solution and its configurability that makes us unique, enabling insurance organizations to implement quickly and streamline critical data management and governance processes.


Yodil Platform includes:

Insurance Data Store 

An insurance specific information repository / architecture that serves as the hub of enterprise information for the business and IT, including, senior management, operations, actuaries, statisticians, and other knowledge workers.

Data Management

Provides control and insight into the quality and reliability of data essential to healthy data programs, facilitates stewardship, data governance and increases the speed at which value can be delivered to the business.

Map2Code (M2C)

Simplifies, documents, and automates the integration of data into the Yodil Platform and provides business metadata for lineage.


Tracks business and technical metadata at the most granular level to facilitate stewardship and automate enterprise data lineage.

Data Quality

Detects data quality and control issues providing the business a trusted information asset.

Information Delivery

Flexibility to deliver information in any business context connecting where, when, and how it's needed;

  • Through third party reporting and business intelligence tools
  • Embedded in applications at the point of decision (underwriting a risk or adjusting a claim)
  • Feeding systems/processes (sales, CRM, CAT Models, general ledgers or statutory and bureau services).
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